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        Company Profile

        Affiliated to Jinghua Group, Hebei Zhaojian Metal Product Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is a new type modern enterprise integrating R&D, production and trade heavily funded by Jinghua Group to meet high-end market demand of Jinghua Group. Situated in Shengfang Metal-glass Furniture Industrial Park, Economic Development Zone, Bazhou City, Hebei Province, the Company, which is in of the core of Beijing, Tianjin and Xiongan New Area, enjoys excellent geographical location and convenient traffic in highway.........


        Enterprise video

        Product display

        ZhaoJian Production line Introduction

        01Cold-rolled hard board

        We have introduced a set of 1420 pickling line-tandem cold rolling mill (PL-TCM), which is jointly designed and manufactured by CFHI and WISDR. Electrical part is Shanghai BAOSIGHT’s automatic control system and unit equipment is configured reasonably. The equipment is able to reach domestic first-rate level. Machinery equipment is composed of laser welding equipment, spraying turbulence-flow pickling equipment......


        02Hot galvanized sheet

        We have introduced four hot galvanized (aluminized) units, all of which are designed with modified Sendzimir process. With excellent online plating thickness control equipment and quality control means of various working procedures, we can ensure the product enjoys excellent plating control accuracy, paintability and weldability. The specific technological process is shown below: Cold-rolled steel strip will undergo direct flame......


        03Building color-coated sheet

        We have established three 150 m/min color-coated high-end automation production lines. In pressure testing of roller, timely adjusted first coat and top coat dual-roller coating head can be designed with dual-coating and dual-drying process. In online thickness testing of primer and finish paint wet film, top coat can be finished by U-type dual-coating head machine. Roller is amounted in online scraper and paint preparation constant temperature system.......



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